Browser exhibition

Place: Liget Gallery, Budapest

Address: 5 Ajtósi Dürer sor, Budapest, Hungary, 1146 | MAP

Date: June 28 – July 26, 2018

Curator: Brigitta Muladi



There is an emerging trend among contemporary artists aiming to modernize the art of painting to find inspiration in everyday routines such as the extensive use of the internet. This attitude towards the new media is countered by the act of manual creation, that result in physical artifacts.

The works of Éva Szakál follow this trail in redefining the artistic activities. In her previous project she experimented with juxtaposing landscapes and garden photos, cutting up and then reassembling the pictures creating abstract, almost minimal compositions that alternate with empty geometrical spaces. Emptiness or rather the absence of a spectacle (in this case digital) is also present in her latest series.

Although her patterns recall the visual reduction of the 20th century with such features as the hard edge, color field, color aesthetics, rhythms, repetition, seriality and analysis of conceptualism, the collected ‘items’ have a certain lyrical atmosphere around them.

By keeping the use of traditional methods the artist also manages to correspond with the classical history of painting, but unlike in classical painting, here it is nearly impossible to discover the artist’s mark on the artworks, as it is only represented by her exceptional accuracy. The opposition she takes countering the digital technique, the mass produced items, is visualized in the mechanical precision with which she executes her works.

Her latest series, ‘Browser’ intends to capture those ‘moments’ when due to low internet signal, the topics typed into the search engine are being reduced to homogenous color fields, instead of detailed pictures. With these colored rectangles the artist visualizes such concepts as now, routine, nothing, comfort, order or time.


Brigitta Muladi



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