Lifelong learning, community brainstorming, creativity and invention, researches followed by experiments and discoveries – these are the keywords of science, however, they are just as defining when it comes to contemporary art.

After the great styles and movements, the “-isms” like dada, modern, postmodern and conceptual art, we are living in the age of new discoveries again. What is the form and method through which artists are able to express their emotions and thoughts, their discoveries and wonderment?

How can they reach their audience, while – besides given an array of new tools -, due to technical developments, they are in competition with artificial intelligence, robotics and computer science?

We have to face a great challenge: today, a machine is capable of painting a perfectly lifelike portrait. Technology does not only have an impact on our everyday lives, but on fine art as well. What does it mean today to be a painter, a sculptor or even a photographer? Are disciplines still divided into strict categories, or is intermediality much more common nowadays?

Explorers is not only about the ever-changing world surrounding us, but about the relationship of art and science as well.

Creativity and free thinking – the debut exhibition of nine young Hungarian artists of the Budapest Art Mentor Program in the Ybl Creative House in Buda.


Curator of the exhibition: Bálint Ferenczy

Opening Ceremony: 30. August – 6 pm.

Opening Hours: 9 am. – 7 pm., every day,

from August 31 to September 23.



EXPLORERS group exhibition_Eva Szakal